Share WiFi & Hotspot Without Password

Want to share your WiFi connection but don’t want anyone to know your password? WifiLink allows you to share your WiFi or mobile Hotspot connection with only one simple click, without having to share your password.

How it works?

The first thing you have to do is to add your WiFi or Mobile Hotspot. To share your Internet connection, all you need to do is click on share and send your WiFi or Hotspot link to anyone you want.


Share the link of your connected WiFi & Hotspot to anyone and just connect to your wifi by just clicking on the link.

Share WiFi or Hotspot Link

Share a link with friend or colleague in chat or messaging, and let them connect to your internet without your password.

Manage WiFi Network

Let you add and connect to a new WiFi network, edit, or remove existing one directly from the app.

Share WiFi or Hotspot QR Code

Let your friend or colleague to scan QR Code from this app to connect to your WiFi or Mobile Hotspot without your password.

Save or Print QR Code

Save your network QR Code for a venue or an event. Print QR Code label for your WiFi and display them in your premises.

Share Link & QR Code With One Click

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